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Nature Type Mapping

Kontaktperson: Espen Sommer Værland

Mobil: 414 69 719

DNV performs nature type mapping services both as a part of our framework agreements with the public sector, as well as in connection with other smaller projects for municipalities and private individuals and with impact assessment.

DNV offers:

  • Mapping according to the Environment Agency’s instructions
  • Mapping according to Nature in Norway (NiN), e.g. base mapping nature type
  • Mapping in connection with impact assessments courses
  • Training in the use of the NiN system for clients in connection with impact assessments and regulatory plans compilation
  • Review of nature type data for state administrators and municipalities
  • Monitoring of endangered species and habitat types

What is nature type mapping?

A nature type is a form of categorizing landscapes according to various essential properties. Nature types can therefore provide important information about the ecological and environmental properties of a specific landscape. DNV undertakes assignments related to nature type mapping and have extenseive experience with mapping large areas of Norway. Our focus is on quality, and we are one of the largest suppliers in nature mapping in Norway.

NiN (Nature in Norway) is a complete system for describing all-natural variation across the country. The system can be adapted to different purposes for different users. Mapping according to NiN provides crucial knowledge for how we can manage nature in the future. We take on assignments throughout Norway and have good experience from all counties. DNV has carried out NiN mapping on behalf of the Norwegian Environment Agency every year since 2015.

In addition to the usual nature type mapping according to the Norwegian Environment Agency’s instructions, DNV has mapped 2020 conservation areas in Viken, Agder, Rogaland, Vestland, Trøndelag, Troms and Finnmark, among others. The Wetland Center currently has 8 permanent employees who work with NiN. In addition, we collaborate with other players in the field of mapping such as Environmental Research, Vegetation Advisor Tanaquil Enzensberger, NIBIO, NINA, Asplan Viak and the Cultural Landscape Center in Telemark.

DNV offers mapping of nature and nature types in most areas regardless of scope. If you have a project in mind or would like to know more about our work, contact us here.