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Facilitation and information measures

Kontaktperson: Elida Sandneseng

Mobil: 976 850 35

Våtmarkssenteret har lang erfaring fra tilrettelegging og informasjonstiltak i og utenfor verneområder. Vi har blant annet planlagt og bygd natur- og kulturstier, utsiktspunkt, erfaringsstoler, informasjonspunkt, brosjyrer og lager verneområdeskilt for statsforvaltere.

The Wetland Center has extensive experience in facilitation and information measures in and outside protected areas. Among other things, we have planned and built nature and cultural trails, viewpoints, experience chairs, information points, brochures and create protected area signs for state administrators.

Facilitation and information measures in connection with protected areas and other natural areas must take place gently and on nature’s premises. The Wetlands Center has worked a lot with various measures to channel traffic, make arrangements for the public and make sure to inform about important and interesting natural values and qualities.

When preparing signs, information points and brochures, we use the program InDesign ourselves, and we have experience with the new brand and visitor strategy of the Norwegian Environment Agency.

Protected area sign for the Odnesberget nature reserve. Created by Thor Østbye, Geir Høitomt and Tonje Berland as well as the State Administrator in Innlandet.

DNV also has extensive experience in the implementation and development of sustainable tours in peripheral areas, inside protected areas and in connection with species and nature types. Every year we organize, among other things, orchid walks on an old hay bog (Bjørnhaugmyra). Feel free to contact us if you wish to carry out a guided tour.

We ourselves have a large image database linked to species, nature types, protected areas and other natural areas in Oppland. In addition, we have a close collaboration with photographer Thor Østbye, who has photographed all protected areas in Oppland and himself has a large image database of species etc.

Some of our projects:

From Dokka village, a 3 km folk trail has been established in a universal design to the northern end of the Dokka Delta. DNV has produced signage and nature information along this path, where there are also rest areas, gap huts and a universally designed fishing spot.

Signs with information about the various fish species in Randsfjorden.

On the former railway route from Dokka to Naturhuset on Odnes (approx. 7 km), DNV has set up several information boards about cultural heritage and nature. One of the information signs is about hay fields and stands by a lair in the Dokka Delta.

Experience chairs in Ecosystem Dokkadelta are art in a nature exhibition, which represents ten hiking destinations in the nature of the waterways in Land and Etnedal. The experience chairs are in ten different nature rooms with connections to wetlands, and are signposted with nature information. Some chairs require an hour’s hike while others are easily accessible.

At Fallselva in Søndre Land, DNV has developed an information point about freshwater pearl mussels. In addition to an information board about freshwater pearl mussels, the place also has a fire pit, seating and a specially made “pier” where you can go out into the river and see freshwater pearl mussels. In the same area, DNV has contributed to the development of a longer cultural and nature trail along Fallselva (with, among other things, information boards and rest areas).