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Open Event 11. March from 12.00 – 14.00

Bli med på et gratis og åpent arrangement lørdag 11.mars kl 12-14, når vi restaurerer pæler i Dokkadeltaet.

Join us for a free and open event on Saturday 11 March at 12-2pm, when we restore piles in the Dokka Delta.

The pile fences prevented the timber from floating beyond the islands in the delta. They form a long line of vertical logs that were driven into the mud with a ram. The wood is partly visible, but the tops of the logs have in many places been sawn off or rotted away. . This cultural monument is a central landmark in the conservation area and has an interesting and important history linked to the use of the delta during the historic log rafting. This business had enormous value for value creation in our country, both in older and more recent times. The pile garden itself is also used as a nesting place for herring gulls and is also a sitting/viewing area for several other bird species. Restoring some free-standing bilge posts is a relevant measure to illustrate the former use of the delta. These posts previously had, like the pole garden, a function as a nesting place/viewing place for birds.

On Saturday 11 March, we invite everyone to see how workhorses transport logs to the Wetland Center and how the ram frame works.

Welcome out!