The European dipper and hydropower

We offer a consultation service in connection with the European dipper and hydropower works.

The Wetland Centre has a wealth of knowledge about the European dipper and is an expert in this field. We can perform investigations, vulnerability analysis and can assess the habitat potential of river stretches for this species. Research has shown that areas that offer the most potential for hyrdropower development, especially small-scale hydropower, are often also areas of good habitat for the European dipper. We can also help with mitigation measures for the European dipper. The challenge is how to implement effective mitigation measures so that the European dipper can continue to nest in these areas after development of these areas. These areas are often lost as nesting areas for this species if no mitigation measures are implemented (Walseng & Jerstad 2011).

The Dokka Delta National Wetland Centre can offer guidance about mitigation measures for the development of hydropower in European dipper nesting locations. We also undertake work to place nesting boxes in these areas, in addition to the guidance we can offer. We can offer maintenance and monitoring of these boxes after they have been set-up.


Get in touch regarding suggestions for mitigation



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Example from Lygndalsvassdraget. Photo:Trond Øigarden.