Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for the Dokka Delta National Wetland Centre consists of six members selected by the organisation, three men and three women. The members of the board have a range of expertise in different fields, such as natural history, climate and the environment, lecturing and leadership. The board members serve for two years. The board works with strategic questions, business plans, financial reports, and large investments, as well as decisions that will have a large effect on the organisation.

Board members: 


Chair – Kjetil Bjørklund

Department manager for KS department: INT transports, planning and environment


Deputy chair – Rune Selj
Politician and independent businessowner


Board member – Petra Mariette Skoglund
Director for Vitensenteret Innlandet


Board member - Leila Kaarina Valvik Raustøl
Managing director for Randsfjord museene AS


Board member – Børre Kind Dervo
Researcher for the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research


Board member – Stine Røen
Business adviser for Østre Toten municipality




 Rune Selj opening an observation platform for birds in Odnes, together with the chair of the board for DNV Kjetil Bjørklund.