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We are launching Land Sustainability Center

The Land Sustainability Center will work to reduce externalities and transition to a low-emissions society. We offer a range of services to inspire more people to take part in the important societal mission of securing a more sustainable future for us all.

Everyone talks about sustainability, but what is it really? Since its inception in 2008, Dokkadeltaet National Wetland Center has worked to take care of nature in the broadest sense. We have thus developed into a center of expertise in our fields, and in 2021 we had activities and surveys in more than 150 municipalities in Norway. Our work with sustainability in practice is in demand, and now we feel that this topic has been put at the top of the political agenda nationally and internationally.

Sustainability can be conversion to a low-emission society, methods for a circular economy, restoration of ecosystems and the establishment of new ecosystems, also as a contribution to natural carbon storage. When we study value chains, circuits, resource management and today's traditional solutions in companies and municipalities, we see that it is possible to reap great environmental benefits through innovative thinking and collaboration. Sustainability can also have a social dimension which is of great importance as a supplement. The UN talks about several types of sustainability in studies and plans, where environmental, economic and social sustainability are the most important.

Dokkadeltaet National Wetlands Center is located at an international Ramsar site and works actively to communicate connections between nature and the environment (the Ramsar Convention is an international UN agreement on the protection of particularly valuable wetlands). The Sustainability Center can inspire municipalities, organisations, companies and others to get started with a crucial social mission. Lectures, courses, inspections, experiences, exhibitions and social events are some of what we offer. Get in touch for details.