We are an Eco-Lighthouse

We at Dokka Delta National Wetland Centre (DNV) take environmental responsibility and have now been approved as an Eco-Lighthouse. There is an increasing awareness of the importance of evaluating how our activities affect the environment and that we follow specified guidelines. We at the Dokka Delta National Wetland Centre are aware of our environmental responsibilities, and work actively to overcome steadily increasing environmental and climatic challenges.

We set environmental demands to our partners and suppliers, we have developed purchasing guidelines where we endeavour to purchase environmentally-friendly products (such as products that have the swan-label, EMAS and ISO etc) and we sort all of the waste that we produce.


All activities arranged by DNV follow eco-lighthouse guidelines concerned with outdoors activities. It is important for us to take care of nature and the environment, as well as to respect the animal and bird life associated with our activities. We focus on the effects of our actions on the environment and we stress the importance of this during our activities. We talk for example of the importance of not polluting nature and preventing illegal bonfires.

We received the Eco-Lighthouse certificate from the Mayor of Søndre Land on Friday 10th November. The event was celebrated with the Year 6 class from Odnes School and several representatives from Søndre Land municipality. It was a bit chilly, but we warmed ourselves up with warm fruit juice, coffee and buns from Kjellstad around the fire. Both the adults and the children really enjoyed the bird ringing of blue tits and great tits, despite the cold weather.