We set environmental demands to our partners and suppliers, we have developed purchasing guidelines where we endeavour to purchase environmentally-friendly products (such as products that have the swan-label, EMAS and ISO etc) and we sort all of the waste that we produce.



DNV is certified as an eco-lighthouse – this requires us to meet environmental requirements in just about everything we do. We meet these environmental requirements and conduct annual reviews to ensure that we run the business as environmentally-friendly as possible. We do this alongside maintaining a good working environment.



The organisation produces annual climate and environmental reviews (Norwegian), reviews health and safety and training, completes risk assessments and action plans for both working in the office and in the field. We have developed an organisational chart where we have assigned staff important roles associated with our status as an eco-lighthouse, and we have produced a health and safety activity plan that ensures we perform annual risk analysis and safety assessments.



All activities arranged by DNV follow eco-lighthouse guidelines concerned with outdoors activities. It is important for us to take care of nature and the environment, as well as to respect the animal and bird life associated with our activities. We focus on the effects of our actions on the environment and we stress the importance of this during our activities. We talk for example of the importance of not polluting nature and preventing illegal bonfires.



Read more about the eco-lighthouse and the criteria to be certified as an eco-lighthouse here.