The exhibition focuses on twelve species that use the Dokka Delta on a regular basis. The species selected all represent different bird orders and families, and therefore demonstrate the diversity of birds in the delta. The birds are represented with photos, text and stuffed individuals to provide the best possible demonstration of each species characteristics. We hope that the exhibition will inspire and encourage people to observe our birds and increase their knowledge of these species. Good viewing points in the Dokka Delta are the bird tower in Odnes and the stilt-building at Våten.


The Dokka Delta gained protection as a nature reserve in 1990 and was awarded Ramsar status in 2002. The river delta represents the outlets of the rivers Etna and Dokka into the Randsfjorden. The Dokka Delta nature reserve is protected mainly due to its importance as a nesting and a resting area for birds. Common birds in the delta are swans, geese, ducks, gulls and waders. Several predatory birds and certain owl species can be seen on a regular basis, and there are many different species of perching birds that can be observed in and around the delta. The delta abounds with bird life during the spring and autumn migrations. In the summer ducks, waders and grebes all nest in the delta. More than 220 species have been observed in the delta. A long list of rare, vulnerable and threatened bird species can be found in the conservation area, and a total of 56 species from Norwegian Red List for Species 2015 are present.


Concept, text and design: The Dokka Delta National Wetland Centre AS

Photo: Thor Østbye

Graphic design: M8 design

Joinery: Henning Andersen

The birds (with the exception of the dipper) are on loan from Randsjordmuseene AS