The aim is to always have access to important knowledge about the current status of the bird life in these areas; for example, changes in the conservation status or to the birdlife, or any new disturbances. This knowledge is an important tool that can be used by the managing authorities at every level. This is of great significance for the management and conservation of important bird areas.

All information about the status of bird populations, disturbances to these populations, as well as conservation status is added to BirdLife International’s World Bird Database. This has been developed with the goal of surveying IBA areas in the whole world. All of the registered information from the Norwegian IBA areas are published in a separate chapter of BirdLife International’s IBA-bok.

The Dokka Delta was selected as an IBA due to it being an important resting area for pink-footed geese (Anser brachyrhynchus). The IBA criteria for the Dokka Delta are A4i and B1i. Dovrefjell is the other IBA area within Oppland.


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