There is rich birdlife to be found in the diverse habitat types of Søndre Land, Nordre Land and Etnedal. From ring ouzels in the mountains and fieldfares in the lowlands to whinchats and bluethroats. Many different species of warblers have been observed within Land, including common species such as chiffchaffs, willow warblers and Eurasian black-caps, to less common species such as the icterine warbler, the common whitethroat and sedge warblers. Most Norwegian species of woodpeckers, owls and waders are found in the area. Many different species of predatory birds have been observed in the area, including golden eagles, common buzzard, osprey, peregrine falcon, kestrel and other species that both use the area to nest in and as hunting grounds.


Recommended areas:

- Langsua National Park with surrounding nature reserves and landscape conservation area: The conservation area was created to preserve the area’s mires, wetlands, old-growth coniferous and rich deciduous mountain woodlands, scree slopes and mountain pastures. Many of the larger nature reserves have birds as their most important conservation concern. Species found include hen harrier, broad-billed sandpiper, great snipe, common crane, short-eared owl, Siberian jay, Eurasian three-toed woodpecker and twite.


- Kittilbudammen: There is a bird hide located close to the Kittilbu wilderness museum in Gausdal municipality. From here you will be able to observe the birds without disturbing them when they are at their most vulnerable, for example during their nesting period. The horned grebe is one of the species that can be observed here. Binoculars can be loaned from the museum. Kittilbu is on the south side of the Hynna nature reserve.


- Fluberg bird conservation area: Close to Fluberg bridge in Søndre Land. Many of the same wetland species that you will find in the Dokka Delta nature reserve, but especially renowned for its role as a resting area for cranes and geese. A scenic driving route is to drive round the northern part of Randsfjorden, stopping at the visiting centre and bird tower at Odnes, the viewing platform on the stilt building at Våten and on Fluberg bridge.


- Langtjedn Nature Reserve: the reserve is in Bakkebygdi in Etnedal municipality. It is known as a good horned grebe area, and in summer 2008 black-necked grebes were spotted here. Ospreys are another bird species that you can often see at Langtjedn.


-Skellingshovde Nature Reserve and Selsjøen Nature Reserve: These are two areas of coniferous forest on Veståsen. Here you will find old-growth coniferous forest, marshes and countless tarns and lakes. In these nature reserves you will be able to spot species such as black-throated loom, osprey, northern hawk-owl, Eurasian three-toed woodpecker, black woodpecker, redstart, crested tit and mistle thrush.